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Are you looking for ECOMMERCE services in Lucknow, Kanity Solution offers world class ECOMMERCE Services with proven records.

Ecommerce is the rapidly increasing industry where businesses may provide customers with a wide range of possibilities. However, it extends to B2C as well as B2B. Our ecommerce solutions are created with the current demands of an organisation in mind, so that both the needs of the firm and the needs of the client are met.

At this point, it is essential to keep in mind that the client needs to be able to fully utilize the interactive and easy to use tools that are offered for the benefit of both online. While at the same time, the message should be loud and clear to be able to reach maximum number of people looking for something specific with relation to services as well as products offered online.

We maintain our standards with relation to the prevailing industry scenario. We focus upon the best and this includes areas such as:

  • Providing the medium of interactive advertising
  • Providing online portals for specific services
  • Solutions for online, mobile and social commerce

We specialize in providing the best ecommerce solutions to our clients that are reliable, include the latest software technology and are cost-effective. We continually work towards providing the best of our capabilities that are in accordance to the client needs these include solutions such as:

  • Payment processing solutions and services
  • Optimization of website that is in accordance to the user
  • Location based services for user convenience
  • Developing interactive shopping mobile applications
  • Point of Sales solutions
  • Portals that are inclusive of providing services like, ticketing, and travel management
  • Easy payment gateway for customer convenience
  • Interactive form based solutions for easy customer contact
  • Easy login process and online user registration
  • Generating customer ID for user convenience

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